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Important: This is the website for the IEEE AIxVR conference series, which ran under the name IEEE AIVR until 2022. There are multiple events using the acronym "AIVR". We are the only conference with that name sponsored by IEEE and published in the IEEE Xplore digital library. See below for a historical overview of all conferences in this series so far.


AIxVR 2024 is organized by the IEEE Computer Society's Technical Commmittee on Semantic Computing. For questions about the conference, please send an email to huerst@uu.nl.


IEEE AIVR was established in 2018 and took place in december each year since until 2022. In 2023, it was decided to rename the event to IEEE AIxVR to be more inclusive to all kinds of mixed reality experiences and avoid confusion with other events entitled AIVR, which we are not associated with. In addition, we decided to move it to January to better sync with the schedule of related events in the annual conference calendar. Therefore, there is no IEEE AIVR/AIxVR conference in 2023, but the next event will take place as IEEE AIxVR 2024 in January 2024.

Historical overview of IEEE AIVR/AIxVR conferences

6th IEEE AIxVR 2024 (Los Angeles, CA, USA, Jan 2024)
Website | Proceedings: TBD

5th IEEE AIVR 2022 (online/virtual, Dec 2022)
Website | Proceedings: IEEE Xplore IEEE CSDL

4th IEEE AIVR 2021 (Taichung, Tawian online/virtual, Dec 2021)
Website | Proceedings: IEEE Xplore, IEEE CSDL

3rd IEEE AIVR 2020 (Utrecht, The Netherlands online/virtual, Dec 2020)
Website | Proceedings: IEEE Xplore, IEEE CSDL

2nd IEEE AIVR 2019 (San Diego, CA, USA, Dec 2019)
Website | Proceedings: IEEE Xplore, IEEE CSDL

1st IEEE AIVR 2018 (Taichung, Tawian, Dec 2018)
Website | Proceedings: IEEE Xplore, IEEE CSDL

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