AIVR 2020)

3rd International Conference on

Artificial Intelligence & Virtual Reality

December 14-18, 2020 (virtual/online event)
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IEEE AIVR is an annual conference established in 2018. Its goal is to bring together people working in AI and VR/AR/MR in order to explore their mutual interests and shape the future of the combined research fields.



3rd IEEE AIVR 2020 (Utrecht, The Netherlands online/virtual, Dec 2020)

Website | Proceedings: TBD


2nd IEEE AIVR 2019 (San Diego, CA, USA, Dec 2019)

Website | Proceedings: IEEE Xplore, IEEE CSDL

Keynote speeches: Jeremy Bailenson (Stanford University, CA, USA), Hrvoje Benko (Facebook Reality Labs, USA), Pablo Cesar (CWI, Netherlands), Paul Conoval (Northrop Grumman Corporation, VI, USA), Chris Dede (Harvard University, MA, USA), Tobias Höllerer (UC Santa Barbara, CA, USA), Vishy Swaminathan (Adobe, USA)

AIVR 2019


1st IEEE AIVR 2018 (Taichung, Tawian, Dec 2018)

Website | Proceedings: IEEE Xplore, IEEE CSDL

Keynote speeches: Edward Y. Chang (HTC Health Care, Taiwan), Sheng-Wei Chen (Academia Sinica, Taiwan), Oussama Khatib (Stanford University, USA), Vladlen Koltun (Intel, USA), Hiroaki Ogata (Kyoto University, Japan)

AIVR 2018



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