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December 12-14, 2022 - Virtual (with satellite events)

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IEEE AIVR 2022 workshops

Workshops have traditionally been an important and valuable part of IEEE AIVR, providing the opportunity for more hands-on experiences and the chance to dig deeper into deciated topics of particular interest for the AI & VR/AR communities. This year, IEEE AIVR features the following workshops:

Workshop XRiM: XR technologies in Museums
Museums have always been attractive and unique places where people learn from various exhibits, displays, samples, and special devices. Although recent smartphones, PCs, and game consoles are very powerful, there should be solid differences between experiences with daily equipment and those in museums full of special-purpose devices. For decades, museums have been polarized into large and wealthy museums with the latest technologies that have attracted a large number of people, and local and small museums (typically with smaller budgets) with fewer visitors. To rectify some current situations involving museums, this workshop aims to showcase a wide range of excellent designs, implementations, experimental results, and case studies. We encourage papers that extend the ability of museums to enhance people’s experiences in museums with a range of XR/AR/VR/MR and related technologies.

Workshop website (incl. CfP), deadline: Oct 1, 2022


Workshop AIXRLES: AI & XR for learning, education and serious gaming
In recent years, artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) have started to become widely used in learning and education. For example, simulations and serious games help students in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) to better understand abstract concepts or observe science phenomena more easily. Immersive sports learning/training in VR allows athletes to repeatedly practice with controlled configurations just like they do on the field or court. Sensor and AI technologies can be used to monitor the behavior of learners or trainees and further infer their learning or training effectiveness. This workshop aims to provide an interdisciplinary platform for researchers to discuss their AI and VR/AR-related work in the context of learning, education, and serious gaming from both scientific and educational perspectives.

Workshop website (incl. CfP), deadline: Oct 16, 2022


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