International Conference on

Artificial Intelligence & Virtual Reality

IEEE AIVR is an annual conference established in 2018. Its goal is to bring together people working in AI and VR/AR/MR in order to explore their mutual interests and shape the future of the combined research fields.


Given the ongoing uncertainty due to the COVID pandemic, the place and time of IEEE AIVR 2022 are not finally decided yet. It will take place by mid- or late-december and likely be a hybrid event with a physical location (likely in the US) and the option to also partake virtually. Details (including the call for papers) will be announced here by mid-February. Keep an eye on this website and/or follow our Twitter account. In the meantime, stay safe and healthy!

Note: There are multiple events using the acronym "AIVR". This is the website for the IEEE AIVR conference series, which is the only conference with that name sponsored by IEEE and published in the IEEE Xplore digital library. See below for a historical overview of all conferences in this series so far.

Previous conferences

4th IEEE AIVR 2021 (Taichung, Tawian online/virtual, Dec 2021)

Website | Proceedings: IEEE Xplore

3rd IEEE AIVR 2020 (Utrecht, The Netherlands online/virtual, Dec 2020)

Website | Proceedings: IEEE Xplore, IEEE CSDL

2nd IEEE AIVR 2019 (San Diego, CA, USA, Dec 2019)

Website | Proceedings: IEEE Xplore, IEEE CSDL

1st IEEE AIVR 2018 (Taichung, Tawian, Dec 2018)

Website | Proceedings: IEEE Xplore, IEEE CSDL



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